zondag 16 mei 2010

Amstel hotel

The InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam Hotel or Amstel Hotel is a five-star hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on the east bank of the river Amstel. It was the country's first Grand Hotel.

Samuel Sarphati, a physician and city planner, took the initiative to build the hotel, although he died in June 1866 before the hotel opened. The first years after the opening in 1867 were not successful and hotel almost closed. Although the French-Prussian War started in 1870 and its subsequent financial consequences, business improved that year.
A young doctor by the name of Mezger began his practice in the hotel and attracted a special clientele. Although Mezger treated all kinds of people, the Amstel Hotel became famous for the many members of royalty and the nobility who stayed there for treatment. For eighteen years he saw his patients in the Amstel Hotel, until 1888, when Mezger left the Amstel Hotel and moved to Wiesbaden. The royal and noble guests kept coming to the hotel. Ever since, the Amstel Hotel has had a reputation for hosting numerous celebrities and other luminaries.

Information: Wikipedia

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  1. It's a beautiful hotel, we pqassed it on a boat tour through Amsterdam a couple of years ago.

  2. Fascinating history for an impressive looking hotel! It must be even more awesome inside.

  3. Nice b&w, would love to see the inside of that!

  4. thanks for all the replies! I pass the hotel every day I go to work and would love to see the inside as well. Truly best looking hotel of Amsterdam!